"I never worry about them while they're in her care."

"...we are very happy with the thoroughness, quality and price of her service to our pets, and the peace of mind we have by using her."
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Letters of
  • Professional

Basic Services

For Your Pets

We feed them.
We change their water.
We walk the dogs or let them outside.
We clean the litter boxes.
We give them their treats.
We clean up accidents.
We administer medications.

For Your House

We bring in the mail and newspaper.
We adjust lights as requested.
We open/close curtains or blinds as requested.
We water house plants or patio plants, as can fit into the 20-30 minutes visits.
We set the security systems, if needed.

Midday Service
(While you are at work)

Includes dog-walking

Usually discounted

Ask for more details

What Kinds of Pets?

Dogs     Cats     Birds     Fish     Horses
Small caged animals       Ranch and farm animals

More For Your Pets:

We pet them.
We play with them.
We brush them.
We talk to them.
We find their favorite toys.
We specialize in getting to know them.

Royal Touch sitters understand proper kitty etiquette. Cats usually expect to be asked before petting, so Valerie gives each of these (above and below) a chance to test the waters.
Below: Jesse enjoys his conversation with Valerie almost as much as he enjoys his scrumptious banana slice.

Valerie invites Katy and Xena (below) to play, but Xena just wants petting, and Katy prefers to
play with Xena's tail!


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