"I never worry about them while they're in her care."

"...we are very happy with the thoroughness, quality and price of her service to our pets, and the peace of mind we have by using her."
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Letters of
  • Professional

Related Services

Regular Midday Service
  • While you are at work
    Includes dog-walking
    5% - 15% discount
    Creative scheduling, as needed
Pet Transportation
  • To/from groomer, vet, boarding facility
    Starting at $18
Extended Visits
  • Up to 45 minutes
    $20 - $23
Yard Scooping Only (no pet care)
  • Starting at $15
Plant Watering Only (no pet care)
  • Starting at $15
House Checking Only (no pet care)
  • $12 - $14
Overnight Pet Care
  • $45 - $75
    Can be combined with daily visits at reduced rates
Attention Realtors
  • Let us take the dogs for a long, long walk while YOU sell the house!
    $17 - $45, plus $20 set-up fee


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