"I never worry about them while they're in her care."

"...we are very happy with the thoroughness, quality and price of her service to our pets, and the peace of mind we have by using her."
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Valerie Tedford Queen, owner
(325) 942-1213
(325) 226-3734

Leave your precious dogs, cats, or other pets in their own home with a trusted, reliable, caring pet sitting service while you are out of town.

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Hours of Operation
7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m., every day of the year.

Harry and Madchen (above) pose contentedly with Valerie, having adopted her as a new friend even before their service contract is completed.

Below:Do they prefer tap, R.O., or bottled water?

Finding a goat in my lap is not exactly a regular occurrence, but
4-week-old Stuckey (below) seems to crave loving attention as much as he craves his frequent bottles of milk!

The Royal Touch Pet Sitting
For that added touch of love and care for your beloved pet!



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