"I never worry about them while they're in her care."

"...we are very happy with the thoroughness, quality and price of her service to our pets, and the peace of mind we have by using her."
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Dear Pet Owner:

It's a pleasure for me to recommend Valerie Queen's Royal Touch pet sitting service.

My wife and I share our home with four dogs and seven cats, so it's always been difficult to find someone capable of providing care when we're away. To our relief, Valerie has filled that need.

She combines a caring, gentle nature with a professional, businesslike approach. Valerie will take the time to get to know your pets and their routines before you leave, and provide excellent care while you're away. Best of all, your pets remain at home in safe, familiar surroundings until you return.

If your animals are part of the family like ours, I think you'll be pleased with Royal Touch.


Michael Martin

March 1, 2007

I am the proud owner of a four year old Pomeranian named Holley. I expect only the best for her not only in the way of her veterinarian and groomer but also in the one that looks after her needs while I am away. It became obvious to me that Valerie Queen and The Royal Touch were the right choice when I saw The Royal Touch brochure proudly displayed at my veterinarian's office and at the groomers.

I was most impressed when I contacted Valerie to see if she would be interested in taking care of Holley while I was away on vacation and she wanted to come to my house to meet me and "my baby". She conducted a thorough interview so that she could get acquainted with me, my pet, my house, my likes, my dislikes and my expectations. Holley went to her immediately without hesitation and Valerie sat down with her in the floor and played.

I never worry about Holley while I am away and it is added security to know that Valerie will call me immediately if anything looks unusual in or around my house. As an added feature Valerie will also pick up the newspaper, retrieve the mail, walk your pet, etc.

I do not hesitate to recommend Valerie Queen and The Royal Touch to anyone who is seeking the services of a professional caretaker for a dog or a cat during a relaxing vacation or a visit during the day when one cannot get away from a busy day at work to let their pet out.


Traci Folmar


Valerie Queen has tended to our two aging schnauzers in our occasional absence for the past two years. I never worry about them while they're in her care. One of our dogs sometimes needs coaxing to eat, and Valerie always gives her those little nudges that encourage her to finish her food. Valerie gives them their vitamins and medicines on their schedule, and spends time playing with them.

In addition to caring for our dogs, Valerie brings in our mail and newspaper, and waters plants in the summer. Summer in San Angelo can be disastrous for potted plants, so I really appreciate Valerie's attention to them. When we arrive home, the flowers on the deck look as vibrant and healthy as they did before we left.

Valerie always leaves us a note on our kitchen table when we arrive home, telling us about any experiences she had with the dogs or plants that we need to know. We couldn't be more pleased with her honesty, reliability, and genuine care she has for our pets and our home.

Pam Holubec

To Whom It May Concern:

Several years ago, when we first asked Valerie Queen to take care of our 3 indoor and 4 outdoor cats for 2 weeks, we worried about their care the whole time we were gone. As it turned out, we need not have worried about anything except enjoying our vacation. Let me explain:

We worried that our outdoor cats would not be fed as early every morning as they normally were, and so, might "move" to some of our neighbor's houses. We were pleasantly surprised to find this did not happen because Valerie must have arrived at our home as early each morning to feed the outdoor cats just as we had requested.

Our indoor cats seemed not to have even missed us either because Valerie had become their "friend" by learning each of their names so they felt at ease with her. Needless to say, she cleaned their two litter boxes and put out their food each day, and replenished their water as needed for two weeks, so they quickly learned to trust her.

We, too, learned to trust her because we had a key to the front door of our home made and gave it to her, which she still has and uses when we use her service each year.

She picks up the morning newspaper and places it in the kitchen of our home, so there is no accumulation of papers to say that no one is at home when we are out of town for more than a day. She also brings in the mail each day, so there is no worry about it being stolen, which we consider a very important part of her service.

As requested, she puts out water, grain and seeds for the squirrels and several varieties of many birds that come to our backyard to feed. This year, I failed to leave enough sunflower seeds to last through our entire absence, so she bought more grain and sunflower seed to last until we returned home.

All things considered, we are very happy with the thoroughness, quality and price of her service to our pets, and the peace of mind we have by using her. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.


Chris and Curtis C. Scott

Dear Pet Owner:

I have been using the services of The Royal Touch pet sitting service for over 3 years. Valerie takes care of my two German Shepherd Mix dogs (Boomer and Ally). Every time I go on vacation or a business trip, I know that my two dogs are well taken care of in their home environment and I don't have to worry about them.

Valerie is extremely attentive to my dogs and their needs. If my dogs are not feeling well, she takes care of their medicine. She comes over to my house twice a day and makes sure a little time is spent playing with them. While she is tending the dogs, she also picks up my mail and makes sure the house is secure and safe.

I used to leave my dogs in kennels every time I had to leave home. If you have ever done this, you know what kind of stress your pet has to endure while you are away (not to mention your own stress). With The Royal Touch pet sitting service, my dogs are happy and safe in their home environment. There is no stress on them and they are as happy as the day I return. This is priceless in my mind and I thank Valerie every time.

I highly recommend Valerie and her staff to take care of your pet. Valerie has a great demeanor and truly loves animals. I know you will be very happy with The Royal Touch pet sitting service.

Thomas J. Zingale

To Whom It May Concern:

Valerie Queen has been taking care of our three dogs and a bird for about two years now. She is so good with our pets and we know we can trust her with them. If one of the pets gets sick she will take them to the vet and call us and let us know. She is very trustworthy and dependable. I would recommend Valerie to anyone.


Jo Ann Williams


To Whom It May Concern:

This is to inform anyone who wants to know that we have had Valerie Queen's services now for 4  years. We have always had excellent service and are very happy to have her take care of animals, plants, mail and newspaper.

She is very professional and trustworthy and my husband and I highly recommend her and her associates.

Hilde French

Dear Pet Owner,

For the past four years, Valerie Queen has been our pet sitter on many occasions. I recommend her services very highly and without reservation. Valerie can be counted on in emergencies (we've had a few, with very short notice) and is totally reliable and trustworthy.

Valerie has a genuine love for animals and this is made evident in her care. She takes the time to visit with our pets, find out their quirks, their hiding places, is patient with the shy ones and administers medicine when necessary (no small task with a cat!).

Valerie is also agreeable to "house sitting" -- will bring in newspapers, mail, adjust lights and blinds, water plants, etc. We have found that when we return from a weekend or a week or more away, our home is clean (including the litter box), well tended and our pets are as happy and well-cared for as when we left.

Valerie has really added a new dimension to our vacations --  we know our pets are SAFE and cared for without being confined to cages. This makes our time away a lot more enjoyable and worry free. We are sure you'll be happy with Valerie's Royal Touch Pet Sitting.

Elisabeth Mohler

Dear Pet Owner and Lover,

Valerie Queen has been taking care of our pets for the past year. I highly recommend her. She has an insatiable love for and interest in pets of all kinds.

Since most of our trips are spur-of-the-minute, it was sometimes difficult to get our menagerie into a kennel. However, on one such occasion, Valerie was recommended to us. She promptly said she could take care of our two dogs, cat, and hedgehog, even though it happened to be one of the busiest holidays of the year. Just prior to her assignment, Valerie came over to simply visit and get to know each of our animals. Her kindness and gentleness were immediately evident and our animals took a real liking to her. Once we returned home, our animals were not as hyper as they usually are after having been in a kennel. They had obviously been well taken care of, exercised, and allowed the freedom of being in their own yard.

Besides her pet sitting services, Valerie offers to bring in mail and newspapers, turn on and off lights, water plants, and even "scoop poop" if she has the time. She will tailor her services to meet your needs and does so in a very professional manner.

Valerie Queen's Royal Touch pet service helps reduce the stress of leaving town for pet owners. While you are away, your pets will be well-tended and loved.


Prissy Griffis



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