"I never worry about them while they're in her care."

"...we are very happy with the thoroughness, quality and price of her service to our pets, and the peace of mind we have by using her."
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Marcia Wickes

Marcia Wickes has worked with animals for many years. In addition to her love for dogs and cats, she has worked with reptiles, birds, sugar gliders, chinchillas, guinea pigs, even a hedgehog. Marcia has also cared for animals with medical issues, including a diabetic cat, a lizard that required regular injections, and a three-legged frog.


She loves animals and learning more about them. She currently owns 2 eccentric cats and a very large dog. Marcia is a retired special education teacher and she has worked for The Royal Touch Pet Sitting since 2016.

Testimonials for Marcia:


"When Marcia takes care of Mac, we feel perfectly comfortable leaving him for short stretches or long stretches of time.  Marcia always goes above and beyond what her expected duties are.  Mac loves her, and so do we!"


                                                                                        Anne and Reed Shahan



Marcia Wickes has been walking my dog for over eight months. In my relationship with Marcia, I find her dependable, honest and very conscientious about her work. She makes a point to know the animals she cares for very well.                 

Gloria S.




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